Conquest of Cyprus II. Selim

Conquest of Cyprus II. Selim

II. Selim Khan, in June 1569, two years before the victory, the Venetian pirates, who crossed the path of the Nile vessels near Alexandria, became very angry that they took Muslims captive and sold them in Cyprus. Conquest of Cyprus He immediately sends an envoy to Venice and demands the abandonment of Cyprus to the Ottoman Empire. This request is rejected by Venice. On top of that, the Ottoman Empire starts preparations for the expedition.

Reasons for the Conquest?

In fact, there are many reasons for Cyprus to be conquered by the Ottoman State. Namely; Although the roads leading the Ottoman Empire to the dominant Middle East and North African countries were long, exhausting and inefficient, all kinds of logistical support could be delivered to these countries through Cyprus more quickly, comfortably and economically. But the fact that Cyprus was in the hands of the Republic of Venice, which had great naval power, was removing this possibility. In addition, cruise ships carrying Cyprus and its relatives carrying Ottoman merchants and their relatives were robbed by Christian pirates in the Mediterranean, and Venice was patronizing these pirates.

In short; The second Selim Khan against Venice, which rejects the abandonment of the Ottoman Empire of Cyprus, determines Lala Mustafa Pasha for Cyprus independence after finishing the preparations. On 15 May 1570 the navy departs from Istanbul. Lala Mustafa Pasha completed the conquest of Cyprus by taking Nicosia on September 8, 1570 and Magosa on August 1, 1571, after the violent clashes, although all European states helped Venice. The Commander of the Bragadino, Bragadino, it also handles the kale with a 5-point agreement.

Help of the European States

On the other hand, during the Ottoman troop move to Cyprus, Venice asks for help from all European states. On top of that, Pope V. Piyer’s intensive activities resulted in King of Spain II. An alliance is established between the Filip and the Maltese Knights and Venice. This alliance also includes minor Christian states such as Tuscany, Genoese, Savoia and Ferrara. The Crusader fleet, which took its toll from 206 ships under the command of Don Juan, the brother of the Spanish king Philip, takes its place in the front of the leprosy on October 6, 1571. Meanwhile, despite the violent opposition of Kılıç Ali Pasha in the Ottoman warfare parliament, Captain-I Derya Müezzinzâde Ali Pasha has a decision to attack the enemy without taking into consideration the lack of cenk and rower in the navy. At the end of the battle that started on October 7, the Ottoman navy suffers a great defeat.

Only Kılıç Ali Pasha, who commanded the right wing, withdraws from Malta’s flank on the enemy’s left wing without giving up. But this success has not brought any profit to the Christians. While the Christians had been busy with the sculpture in honor of this victory they had won, the Ottoman shipbuilding, which had entered into a feverish work by the order of Selim Han himself, became ready for the full fleet by bringing a bigger naval body to the body in 1571-72. Kılıç Ali Pasha, who was brought to Captain-Deryalığ by the hand of Müezzinzade, moved from İstanbul with a big navy on June 13, 1572. Allies who have lost their troops and lost their troops, despite the fact that they have won in İnönahti, are intending to gather the fruits of their victories and gather themselves, this great Ottoman naval appearance in the Mediterranean, Conquest of Cyprus.

The allied fleet did not dare to face the Ottoman navy. As a result, Venice, which was separated from it all, wanted peace through France. By the treaty he signed on 7 March 1573 he admitted that Cyprus belonged to the Ottoman State. The annually tribute of 500 duka, which has been given since the time of the Canauni period, has been increased to 1500 dukes. He also pledged to give 300,000 duka to be paid in three years as compensation for the Cyprus Expedition.

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