Osman Gâzî Hân Life

Osman Gâzi Hân father is  Ertuğrul Bey , and his mother is Halime Hatun . He was born in Söğüt in 1258. In 1281, when he was 23 years old, he became a tribal leader. In a short time he realized the tribe with his conquest. Forty-five years passed. He died during the conquest of Bursa and was  buried here at the  place called Gümüşlü Kümbet .

Besides Orhan Bey, there were other   sons   named Alaaddin,  Ali ,  Pazarlu ,  Çoban ,  Melik  and Hamid and  a daughter named Fatma . Osman Bey was medium-sized, wide-breasted, close to his legs, big eyes, longer than his body’s waist down body. He was imposing, brave, generous, sweet-tongued. He was wearing a Khorasan cacus in the style of Chagatai, which was made of red spirit. Whether it was a gain or a loot from the booty’s income, it distributed to the poor. It has been reported that he has not received any object of life (state treasure) for a lifetime. He went through the income from his own sheep.

The two of them gave a feast to the poor, who was in his time. His lands were carried to the mouth of the Sakarya river to the coast of Marmara in the north, and to Kütahya in the south. These were in the boundaries of Sogut, Eskisehir, Karacahisar, Harmankaya, Bilecik and Yarhisar.

Gâzi Osman Bey was well aware of the good administration, the sharp vision, the soft action, the high ability, the love of his opponent, the planned movement in battle and the patience and tolerance of the tribes around him. Seljuks and  Ilkhanians as well as the respect of the Turkish beyyliklarını conflict with the refuge carefully avoided. He was always busy with the jihad movement. Their sons have always followed the same path and have not returned to the Turkish and Islamic world unless they have to.

The material and spiritual base in the outgoing state was so strong that it soon became part of the greatest states of the world,  and when 150 years passed it became a superpower . It will provide the Turkish unity for this smallest formation among the Anatolian principals, and in Europe there will be the following states in Asia, no one will believe, imagine.

However, this fortune-telling Turkish heroism, the mysticism around him, the alperen warriors, the serendipitous heroes, believed in it, worked for this great birth.

About Osman Gâzi Hân, the famous French author Lamartin:

“Osman Gâzî Hân’s course was simple, but fair and fair. He devoted his mind and intelligence to the unity of God and tried to deny the idolatry and paganism that were on the earth against the anguish of God. The Osman gradually advanced. But he never came back. He had the qualifications of the founders of the great states. Good hearted, true verb, faithful to the family, was the chief and the womb about their children … ”

Gibbons said: “Of course, Osman is not the son of a sultan.

He could only have a small manor in his life. Osman’s government has grown steadily from thee to thee. The growth of the state came especially from the safety of its continuation and the magnitude of its future. This is a manifestation of the true size of the man who established him …

We are familiar with the building. Atilla, Genghis Khan, Timur, Osman Gâzî Hân belonged to all these conquerors were working in a racial group that came from the body. Despite their dazzling triumphs, they remained raider. And their empires were an unrepresented fortune-teller. Osman’s work was more continuous than theirs, and the effect was broader and more generous. Because he works in calm; and the former ones burned between the pipes and the trumpet. ”

French knowledge Grenard said: “The founding of this new empire is one of the most marvelous and greatest stories of the history of humankind”.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Şimşirgil

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