Orhan Gâzî Hân Life

Born in 1281, Orhan Gâzi’s father is  Osman Gâzi and his mother is Bâlâ Hatun . In 1326, the reign of the sultan was 37 years. In Tophane neighborhood in Bursa, he has a medfund in his bed beside his father’s turbine. Suleiman, Murad, Abraham, Halil and November had five sons. November and Suleiman died in the health of their father.

Orhan Gâzi was medium-tall, handsome, sweet blue-eyed, bearded bearded, blush-faced, broad-breasted close to the tall. Despite his advanced age, he had a very vigorous body. Wrath and fury do not show, no one tries to break his heart. It was Hashinas. Friendly enemy had summoned everyone’s conversation. The organizer was a far-sighted statesman who was vigilant, persevering and enthusiastic, and was cautiously doing the job of knowing to use political asylum.

For a moment until the end of his life, he has not been back from the state affairs, he has spent his life on horseback for gazah and jihad. During the thirty-seven years of his rule, he took the title of his father from his father in  six times  and gave him a state property. The last Byzantine castles in the South Marmara such as Iznik, Gemlik, Armutlu, Izmit, Kirmasti, Karacabey and Mihalic are the cities of Balıkesir, Manyas and Kapı mountains from the sons of Karesi, Ankara and its surroundings, Çimbi kalesini in Rumeli, most of them have joined the state. In addition to the Fatah movement, the military and civilian organization has its metamorphosis of statehood.

Orhan Gâzi was very fond of hayrat and hasan. Fethettiği cities decorated with religious, scientific and social works. By taking Iznik, he transformed the great monastery into medres and established the first Ottoman medreses. In addition, an imaret in Iznik, a mosque, imaret, tabhane, road, bridges and baths in Bursa. Her lady  Nilufer Hatun also; An imaret in Iznik, a bridge and a fountain on the Nilüfer river.

Here is what is said about Orhan Gâzi:

“He was very gentle and especially generous against the artisans and the poor. He was never that kind of person. He was religious, respectful, respectful of the mujahideen. He built houses for them, and provided them with provisions. He built a school in Bursa. All the young people have grown here. He would have sought scholars. The idea was fine. War was open to innovations in business and he was the explorer himself. He was always generous and kind to the Christians to love himself, and he would have to do it for him. ”


“Orhan Gâzi was a hero like his father. Convicted, extremely affordable and cautious and gentle. ”


“Orhan Gâzi was known for his intelligent, sincere and good temperament measures. In this way, a man would have succeeded in benefiting from the Greek Empire. The treatment that the people showed at the conquest of Iznik made them very satisfied. Nobody lived in peace as they did not think about migrating. This good behavior was the main reason for many subsequent conquests and successes. ”

(From the Cross).

“We must accept that when we compare Ottomans, Byzantines and other elements on the Balkan peninsular, they are far superior to them, they are fresh soulful, exciting, untrained people.”


“In his time, poverty, helplessness and necessity were completely out of the good guys. So that they could give themselves zakat and almighty wajib, they could not find anyone to do good. ”

(Nişancı Mehmed Pasha).

“It was Sam and Neriman on the day of the war. An accident from the arrow, a death from the sword. The believer was mercy, the cafeteria suffered. The fighting fame reached Bursa from Serbia and Hungary. ”


Prof.Dr. Ahmet Şimşirgil

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