IV. Murat’s Baghdad Campaign

IV. Murat’s Baghdad Campaign

Execution during the voyage

IV. Murat’s Baghdad Campaign. Sultan Murat ‘ın, the Iranian ruler Shah Safî , who reported that he would return to the Iranian campaign , sent an ambassador named Maksud Han to Istanbul; The expulsion of the Shah was avoided, and the envoy was retained to be returned at an estimated time with an answer.

Sultan Murat made a vigorous affirmation to everybody that the movement would not be persecuted in any way before the movement and that the Sultan would be acting. He sent his sadrâmam Bayram Pasha before him ; the sadrâzam was taken from the Sabbath and moved from Sultan Murat Üsküdar in May 1638 (23Zilhicce 1047) ; with the shaykh al-Islam Yahya Efendi, the governor of the sultanate and the captain of the Kemankeş Kara Mustafa Pasha and the closest veteran of the pasha, the vizier silkman Mustafa Başa , his mentor and Sultan MuratIbrahim Efendi and Musafir Deli Husayin Pasha (who held the treasury journal of the treasury) and the Kazakhs were going with Pashtim. Sultan Murat, Silahdar Pasha and ruznâmeci Abraham Efendi’ye very much because they did what they would do.

Death of the Sakarya Sheikh

Bayram Pasha came to the army when he came to İnönü ; The floods began on the road again. In Bolvadin, Mihalic, who was the arpal of the Chief of the Order of Efendi, was also murdered in a complaint. Ahmed , known as the Sakarya Sheikh in the Ilgın , allegedly conquered seven and eight thousand people per head, Sheikh Ahmad disturbed the forces that had been propelled over, and was then arrested by an order and brought to Sultan Murat, who was in Konya with twelve men. Sakarya Şeyhi was killed by the cellad Kara Ali after some sucks by severing knuckles, noses, ears and feet; Sakarya Sheikh against such a terrible vazyete, Executioner Kara Ali did not show any haste with torture to “rush”.

Molla Hünkâroğlu’s Exile to Istanbul

Konya, Konya Mevlevi Şehhi Mulla Hünkâroğlu Bekir Çelebi was complained when he was in Pâdişah Konya . When Bekir Çelebi was on his way to the Revan Expedition , pardisah showed his own compliments, and when he interfered with all the work he spoiled because of the extra allowance he gave to his hometown, the government people and the ladies could not see any work unless they were granted his approval. Although Pâdişah ordered the killing of Bekir Çelebi because of complaints, the Armed Forces Mustafa Pasha and Bayram Pasha and the Shaykh al-Islam Yahya Efendi all interceded and the Bekir Çelebi properties were seized and exiled to Istanbul. Bayram Pasha, tarikat ehline MuHiH and Nuriye-i Zeyniyye, so that when Bekir Çelebicame to Istanbul Bayram went to the palace of Pasha and died in Istanbul after a while.

Again Padişah while Konya is from tebdil that he visited in Rajab Pasa matracılann at that yeniçeri recognizing see Hüsrev Subaşı located mid control rage and gazabl’s face looking at the past and Otagi-i Humayun Once at yeniçeri the network, Hüsrev one for the slaughter line -I sent a humiliation . Janissaries network is given to chamberlain stove this line-i hümayun, invited evening when Hüsrev Subaşı as usual Kethüda, superintendent way Padişah the gazabl outlook from and after pulling the knife go back, suspecting the invitation to the kethüd tent in handing out the night of darkness has been able to escape with the benefit.

Death of Hekimhasai

After eight days in Konya, he was moved; Ahmed Pasha, the victor of Damascus Tripoli, was shot at the grave of the boy; the fifty-fifth hostage came to Aleppo (July 1638), Egyptian forces came to the army. From there, Ohri’s sancakbeyi Piri Pasha was killed because he was late for the army; Psalmist, who is a moderate person, was the cause of the tribal army.

At this time, the head of the physician Emir Çelebi, the opponent of the opium used by the gunman Pasha was presented by the Pashtah, Pazi Emir Chalabi by bringing his opium in his pocket after he found himself sitting and playing chess and then allowed to play chess, the poor physician came to the tent with tears, but even if they wanted to organize medicine, he said, “I do not want medication to die for a man who is a hostile person like a gunman.” He died on the afyon after a while.

Bayram Pasha’s Infatuation

They were being massacred by the tobacco- keeping associates . My sadrâm Bayram Pasha died when he came to Celab . Transferred to Geneva Istanbul and replaced by Tayyar Mehmet Pasha , Diyarbakır governor, with the recommendation of the republican İbrahim Efendi ; the captain-ı derya Kemankeş Kara Mustafa Pasha in the army , Tayyar Pasha was a vizierbecause his relations with Silahtar Pasha and İbrahim Efendi were not good . Sultan Murat, Bayram Pasha was pleased. When he heard of his death, he came to his tent and cried, “I have separated from a veil of jealousy.” After Mardin, the state counselor, Ibrahim Efendi, died when he came to the place of Cerahlis. He was a man of goodness and kindness, and did not abuse the prestigious prophet.

Baghdad siege

The army was in Baghdad a hundred ninety-seven days. The Sultan built his own pavilion in front of the imam and the side of the Dicle. “We are embarrassed to visit our serbah without conquering Baghdad,” Pradishah said after leaving the conquest of Baghdad.

Hafiz Ahmed Pasha had been fortified by the dark gate on the lower side of Baghdad and Hüsrev Pasha on the other hand due to the fact that the Imam-i Sazam door was occupied by the gates of the Persians. Sadrâzam Tayyar Pasha demanded that it be done by Akkapı, who was informed that this embankment was not very bad with pâdişâha supply. the army digged the trenches and entered Meteris, and the other fortress doors were besieged (9 Rajab 1048 – October 16, 1638). The land side of Baghdad was completely surrounded, Akkapı had sadrâzam, janissary and Rumelian beylerbeyi. The defender of Baghdad was a man named Bektash Han; Surprised at the guards surrounded by the desert of the castle. The Shat Gate of Baghdad was also beaten and the castle started to be beaten there. Sultan Murat had sacked five large cannons in Birecik to be used by Bayram Pasha in Baghdad district of Sirrâzam Bayram Pasha, throwing fifty and three forty-one pounds, ie eighteen and twenty-five arrows. He visited the tribes of Padisha and encouraged the soldiers; The attacks and raids of the Iranians against the insurgents were eliminated. The ditches were full, the fortress walls were destroyed in many places and it was not possible to get walking time; therefore, on the thirtieth seventh day of pâdişah muhasaran, on December 23, 1638, coinciding with the sixteenth day of the servant, he invited the vizier-i âzam and said, “Why are the trenches not being walked?” Vezir-i Sazam:
– “You are a patriarch, you are a city of ankarib, you have time to march, do not rush to kill the military”
Pâdishah addressed himself again:
– “What is your name, your tongue and your cheerfulness? vizir-i gâzam in the saying:
– “I have sacrificed my soul, I will sacrifice to Allah,” said the tribe of the kite.

The martyrdom of Tayyar Pasha and the capture of Baghdad

The next day on Filhakika was a great march, some towers were captured and flagged. When Sadrāzam walked on the towers on his side as if he had a sword in his hand, he shot himself with a shotgun shot on his forehead and became a martyr; Pādīshī was troubled when he heard it; “Ah Tayyar, a fortress worthy of Baghdad Castle,” he valued the vizier, and instead, Captain-I Deylaand the army found the Kemankeş Kara Mustafa Pasha. The offensive continued, finally, on the fortieth day of the raid, the guards asked me and Baghdad was taken this way.

After the capture of Sultan Murat Baghdat, he visited the tomb of Imam al-azam; Imam al-Aqam and Abdulkadir Geylani were repaired and the castle was renovated and the janissary network Hüseyin Ağa became the governor of Bagdat and the Janissary khetüdü Bektaş Ağa was left in the Baghdat council with eight thousand janissaries.

Return of the Prophet

Sultan Murat left Mustafa Pasha , the sultanate and sadrâm Mustafa Pasha in Baghdad, and the governor of Damascus, who is the most qualified man of the administration of the sadare, appointed Mustafa Mustafa Pasha and returned to Istanbul.

When Sultan Murat was about to move to the Baghdad campaign, Maksud Khan, who was sent as an ambassador by Shah Safî, was sent to Mosul and left there during this time. When Baghdad was captured, the envoy was extradited with a nama. Sultan Murat (January 27, 1639/1048 Ramadan) declared that
if the Sultan was to be redeemed, he would return the countries he belonged to during the reign of Ezdad-ı Al-Ahmad and send out the gifts of the year that would otherwise be passed in the first spring. With the Iranian ambassador, Hamza Pashazade took the blessing by the ambassador .

Sultan Murat came to Diyarbakir on the turn of Baghdad. Rumiye Sheikh , Naqshibendi shahmi Mahmud, sent to the cellad Kara Ali with the asesbasi, who is in possession of the possibility of coming out of the shahlik because of the multitude of his spiritual influence and his disciples, sent and shook the shame.

Peace with Iran

With the Ottoman ambassador who was sent to Iran with Nama , the Iranian ambassador named Mehmet Kulu was born. The ambassador was accepted by Sadrâzam in Shahriban on Iranian hududu . Kars was strongly rejected of the proposal for Iran to send a letter of warning about the immediate arrival of the key of the Genocide and the withdrawal of the Iranian forces within six days from the Baghdad vilayet Husband; When the sadrâzam came to the Kasr-i Şirin site from here, Saruhan came as the delegate of Iran and was accepted by the sadrâzam while the military salary was given.

According to this treaty, known as the Kasr-ı Şirin cave , Baghdad, Border Hassan, Hankin, Mendeli, Deme, Dertenk, Sermenel and some of the tribes of the Caf tribe and the villagers in the west of the chain fortress The city of Zalim Ali near the difficulty will remain in the vicinity of the citadel of the Ottomans ; there would be no further attacks by the Shah on the border of Kars, Ahisha, Van, City-hard, Baghdad and Basra in the northern hudu. Chain castle, Kotor in Van Husayn, Baku, Kars will be demolished on both sides. In the end of the prayer, if the peace is to be respected,that is, between Abu Bakr and Umar, Osman and the prophets of Amnesty, and the other men of Esnah, and the men of the curse were among the conditions of peace.

This is the end of the third phase of the Iranian battle, which lasted sixteen years from 1623 to May 1639 (1049 Muharrem); while the Iranian shah was Shah Safi, the grandson of Shah Abbas.

Vizier-i-azam’s this muvaffkiyet the, is the close Padişah the Kemankeş Mustafa Pasha ‘or opponents who squire Mustafa Pasha least seeing the Sultan Murad grand vizier’s expense, which was brought to nothing less match, Grand Vizier to the killing of showing poor old Grand Vizier, I Tabanıyassı Mehmet Pasha ‘s, vezîr- While Kemankeş Kara Mustafa Pasha survived the danger of death in the case of defending the saint , Tabanıyassi Mehmet Pasha was massacred by some of the rules on the incarnation of the Sultan of Pasha. the action against sadrâzam Because of the influence of the Pasha of Silah on the pâdishah , it is willingly or unintentionally, Deli Hüseyin Pashaand Shaykh al-Islam Yahya Efendi were also present.

My grand vizier after the peace agreement with the Baghdad governor vezirlikl Dervish Mehmed Pasha came after istanul appointed.

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