Kanuni Sultan Süleyman’s last campaign Ziget and his death

Kanuni Sultan Süleyman’s Last Campaign Ziget and His Death

Kanuni Sultan Süleyman’s last campaign Ziget and his death. When Grand Vizier Sokullu Mehmet Pasha came to the safe land, he explained the sultan’s death. Then he gave orders and began to read the memories. The whole army started crying. The army left walking. On this, Sokullu Mehmet Pasha addressed the army as follows:

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Süleyman the Magnificent In 1566, when he was sick, Zigetvar , the thirteenth and last expedition, appeared on the stage . In this time he was seventy-three years old and was forty-six years of his reign. Despite this he was ill, and the Ziget campaign was his last time.

The Ottoman conquest of Hungary in the period of Kanuni was adjacent to the Habsburgs. After the destruction of the Hungarian kingdom in Mohac in 1526, there lived struggles for many years on the territory of Hungary between the Ottoman state and Austrian Habsburgs. Magnificent 1529, 1532, 1541 and 1566 appeared on the Austrian ranks.

At the beginning of the developments that led to the Zigetvar campaign in 1566, Austria had to pay the tax for the Ottoman state for over two years. In 1564 the German Emperor I. Ferdinand died.Instead, his son II.Maximilien passed. The Ottoman state also reminded me of the tax that should be paid in diplomatic negotiations for the new ruler to rise to the throne. While the issue of tax was on the agenda, Erdal Belief in the Ottoman state was taken by Szatma, who was in the hands of Austria. Then the Austrian embassy went to Istanbul. However, this envoy was detained by Budin Beylerbeyi and informed the Austrian Emperor that the embassy would not be allowed to go to Istanbul if the tax was not paid and that this was the sultan’s order. As a result of these pressures Austria had to send 60 thousand Duke gold to Istanbul.

After the tax issue was resolved, discussions began on the territories that Austria and Erdel Beyli had acquired. Austria wanted the invasion of Szatmar, occupied by Erdel Bey. Vizierazam Semiz Ali Pasha was a supporter of peace, but the Vizier Sokullu Mehmet Pasha was on the side of the Erdelliler. In the meantime, II.Maximilien retaliated by taking Tokay and Serencs cities. In the meantime, Ali Pasha has died and Sokullu Mehmet Pasha has passed away. They sent mutual ambassadors and warnings were declared to Austria when negotiations failed.

Why did Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent come to this chapel?

Although the Ottoman sultan Kanuni Sultan Süleyman was old and sick, he was at the beginning of the army. The decision to leave the palace to secure Ottoman Hungary, 10 years since the ceasefire did not go out between the soldiers and the public began to discourage him, the son of the throne had to remove the bad traces of the struggles between. But this was his last time. On April 19, a great ceremony was held by the sultan and the state elders from Istanbul. The Sultan left Istanbul in white dress with his marvelous suite on horseback. However, his discomfort increased after he left. There was no power to go on horseback. For this, Sokullu Mehmet Paşan went to the car with the help of. The roads have been fixed so that the sultan can travel comfortably. He traveled by car until Kanuni Zigetvar,

When Zigetvar arrived, Süleyman the Magnificent went out of his horses to walk the tent to raise morale. On August 7, the siege began. At the beginning of the encirclement, Castle Commander Nicolas Zriny would send a ‘welcome’ rose, and also kill a progressive Turks in captivity. Zigetvar Castle was a sheltered sanctuary. The four storeys are surrounded by water drones. The siege lasted about a month. His illness also advanced day by day. He could not get out of his tent anymore. The rumors among the soldiers also increased. Kanuni Sultan Süleyman passed away the night of 6-7 September the night before the conquest of Zigetvar. Kanuni Sultan Süleyman was 71 years old when he died. The longest period of Ottoman rule in the statue of 46 years in the ruling of 13 out of the more than 10 years were found in flights outside of Istanbul.


Hidden like a secret

The hearth of the Sultan’s death among the soldiers could wipe out the conquered conquest and encourage the enemy. For this reason Sokullu Mehmet Pasha even hid the sultan’s death from the viziers. The sultan of the sultan was washed in the mausoleum and the funeral prayer was made with twelve people who knew the death of the sultan. The sister’s internal organs were removed and buried there. The body was mummified and put into a coffin and concealed under the throne. Later on the viziers were informed. On the day after Fethin, conquest festivals were organized. Even the sultan’s Friday prayer was announced in the church of Zigetvar. On Friday, it was declared that he would not be able to attend the ceremony because the monarch’s discomfort increased.

As the rumors of the Sultan’s death became widespread, the next day a divan meeting was declared and thus the rumors were to be cut off. The Divan meeting was held on October 9. The question was how to hide the sultan’s death from the soldier. When the Divan came from the Janissary branch Ali Ağa with the instructions he received from the vizier, he said to the newcomers that the sultan “is Berhüdar and faces are blessed, they are blessed, they bring their comradeship to a good place. All tips and hicks will be given right away “. Then the horse ran to go to the hill, followed by the newcomers. Thus, the distribution of the janissaries gathered in front of the grave was ensured.

An end result

In the meantime, the news of Prince Selime was sent. The prince Selim completed the preparations and did not complete the journey from Kütahya. First came to Istanbul. He was declared the prince of Selim the prince who stayed in Istanbul for 3 days. Prince Selim later moved to Plovdiv and then to Belgrade. The Ottoman army also went from Zigetvar to Belgrade. When he was leaving for Belgrade, he was taken out of the place where his body was buried and put in a coffin and a car. After a while, Grand Vizier Sokullu Mehmet Pasha explained the death of the sultan when he came to safe lands. Then he gave orders and began to read the memories. The whole army started crying. The army left walking.

So Sokullu Mehmet Pasha addressed the army as follows: Brothers and sisters, why do not you walk. Let us send the annual Islamic sultan with the Qur’an. Gaza and Hungary made Islamic country. He fed us all in favor. Let’s not take the corpse on our head, our son Sultan Selim Khan sits in Belgrade for 17 days. Our late sultan has testified to you all your tips and hike. Do not stop the memories, the giant Koran.

After the funeral of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent reached Istanbul, the third time the funeral prayer was carried out by Şeyhulislam Ebusuud Efendi, it was taken to the place where it was thought that the turbine was built in the Suleymaniye mosque. Here, the landscape prepared under the supervision of Mimar Sinan was buried. So a turn was closed.

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