Sultan II. Mustafa Life

The new sultan III. Ahmed Khan, after the Edirne Era, returned to Istanbul with the help of the palace cadres and the state, Sultan II. Mustafa and the princes were brought to Istanbul and the Topkapı Palace was closed to the cage Kasrı.

After Hal, Sultan II, who could live only for forty days. Mustafa Han immigrated to the castle in the palace of Istanbul on 29 December 1703.

Sultan II. Mustafa’s nervous breakdown after the Edirne Cause and after the state had been overly distorted. He fell ill due to the separation of the tac and the throne.

Mehmet Aga, a Hazelnut, took care of his equipments and repairs and fulfilled his last duties against him. If the funeral prayer was performed by Sheikh Mustafa Efendi, the preacher of the Haghia Sophia. Sultan Mustafa, Valide Turhan Sultan tomb near Yenicami ‘, was buried in the foot of his father. Eight years nine months and seventeen days on the throne Sultan II. Mustafa had been immigrated to the afterlife since he was forty-one.

Sultan II. Mustafa, IV. Mehmed Han ‘ın is the son. Annesi is the concubine Rabia Gülnuş Sultan (1642-1715) from the Venetian Verzizi family who settled in Rethymno in Crete . Emetullah Rabia Gülnuş Valide Sultan is known as the Valide-i Cedid and is known as the mother of two sultans and benevolent valide sultan.

IV. The great prince of Mehmed II. Mustafa opened his eyes to the world when he was in Edirne on 2 June 1664. The childhood of the prince Mustafa who was festivals for seven days and seven nights was born in Edirne. It is the second of the sultans sitting on the throne in Edirne after the conquest of Istanbul. As the capital city, this city will be the last of the sultans who prefer to Istanbul.

Mustafa was five years old when he was found in his father Mora Yenişehir. While here, he took the first lesson from Vaniî Mehmed Efendi with a bed-i feeding ceremony and read the Rabbi yessir . The writer was Hafız Osman , the famous calligrapher . When he arrived in 1670, he began to take lessons from Sayyid Feyzullah Efendi.

When the date showed June 6, 1675, a magnificent circumcision wedding was held in Edirne for Prince Mustafa and his brother Ahmed. This spectacular circumcision wedding lasted for 15 days with nocturnal day.

Prince Mustafa, lectures from the great scholars of the devrin. His predecessors were Vani Mehmed Efendi and Seyyid Feyzullah Efendi. He was throwing arrows and using swords was awful. IV. Mehmed Khan had also taken Mustafa, his son, to the hunting parties he had organized and organized. As a matter of fact, he was accompanied by Prince Mustafa in the first Polish expedition which emerged in 1672. Thus the young prince began to gradually recognize the Ottoman Europe.

The years of Vienna’s demise were years of sadness for the palace and the dynasty. The disturbance that developed between the society and the soldier was until his father was sent down from the throne. IV. When Mehmed Han realized that he would be sentenced to the throne, there was a warning to his son Mustafa, who had grown up very well, to be reigned. But this warning was not taken into consideration. In the Ottoman Empire, the eldest member of the dynasty dynasty had begun to appear.

As a matter of fact, IV. Mehmed Han’s brother II. Süleyman was seated on the throne by the leaders of the state, deserving the sultanate. The Ottoman throne II. Solomon was moved to Edirne with his harem (1689). In Mustafa’s case, his father and his younger brother (III.) Were transported to the Edirne Palace with Ahmed ‘s closed cars. Prince Mustafa, spent a few days in the Topkapi Palace Şimşirlik Kasrı’da eye under the eye. Later, he was referred to Edirne, where he lived a free life.

II. After Sultan Süleyman Han reigns Sultan II. In the period of Ahmed Khan (1691-1695), the Prince Mustafa was still living in Edirne. But Sultan Ahmed, too, was caught in a fatal disease and could not sit on the throne for a long time.

In the reign of 1695-1703 Sultan II. Mustafa was red and sparse bearded, short necked, medium-sized and imposing. There is also a miniature made by the famous artist Levni.

Sultan II. Mustafa was intelligent, soft, natural, just and well-informed. It is stated that he is more robust, mature and rarely measured than the previous sultans in character. At the same time, it is also known that it shows this moderate behavior in the collection and distribution of state money, and it is not miserable or extravagant. After 1779, the curiosity of the sultan, who began to be interested in avatars like his father, was archery.

The sultan who is close to nine years Sultan II. Mustafa is a powerful, diligent, patriotic, hardworking and valuable sultan. It is the last Ottoman sultan to go to the palace at the beginning of the Ordular. The rewards of scholars and teachers were so great that this would have been caused by the raising of the throne.

He believed that in the first years of his reign, the Ottoman Empire would turn his luck and activity and war luck into favor. Although he seemed determined in his early times, after the battle of Zenta, his hope was broken and his time passed in Edirne. II. Mustafa, the last Ottoman sultan who came to the table, is the only sultan who was sent down from the throne in Edirne.

Sultan II. Mustafa has been interested in reform activities from one side and development works from another side. During the reign period, the Saraçhane Bridge was restored in Edirne. In İnebahtı II. He rebuilt the Beyazit Mosque.

In the meantime, the “mosque-i sherif and ma’bed-i lâtif” built upon the request of Sultan Valide for the vacant land of the church in Galata Castle, which had been burned before , was carefully laid and opened with the name of Galata Yeni Mosque in February 1697 .

In the period of his reign, Hacerullesved’s habitation, the pillars holding the Kaaba ceiling and the staircase descending to the surface, the old wall and minaret of the Masjid al-Kuba were renovated, a dome with four posts on the Mebresch-naka, ablution places have been built, deep water wells have been dug.

Statesmen and scholars have built precious scientific and social institutions. His teacher Feyzullah Efendi, a madrasa in Fatih and a library of valuable books; sadrâzam Amcazade Hüseyin Pasha, a madrasah, a library and a fountain in Saraçhane; sadrâmam Rami Mehmed Pasha, school with a fountain in Ayyub; Damad Ali Pasha made a library. The two-storey community was built in the Shipyard by Çorlulu Ali Pasha, the Sultan of the Sultan.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Şimşirgil

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