Why did the Ottoman collapse?

Why Did The Ottoman Collapse?

The collapse and destruction of the 636-year-old Ottoman State is not without reason. Why did the Ottoman collapse? There are a number of reasons for the collapse of this great plane tree. But the real reason is to break away from the essence and imitate the West, which is against the national and moral values ​​of the Tanzimat.

The gap between the intellectuals who take the life of the West and the experience of the technic rather than the life of the technician, and the people whose own values ​​are still owned by many people. Melting intellectuals in the west have not been a guide to the public, just like the Japanese intellectuals whose western territory is merely an area of ​​knowledge but retains its values. On the contrary, he saw the people as ignorant and ignorant. As a result, the Ottoman intellectual imitating the Ottoman-Western was destroyed. The request for change started in 1683 with the defeat of Vienna, and the ric’at (retreat) manifested itself in the material and spiritual front of the Ottoman Empire.  Why did the Ottoman collapse?

There were no dignified statesmen like the old. The Ottomans came to the defeat of those who came and were prevented. Every day came a black news. As the Ottoman Empire fell from the ground and lost prestige, the rule of law diminished. And unfortunately the Ottoman State was writhing in frustration. He took ignorance of his place of knowledge and even became a judge. As in the case of the state staff, there was no obedience to discipline and blood in the army and navy. This was the momentum that accelerated the collapse. The activities (minorities) chose the way to become independent of the non-Islamic members of the nationalist movement and the separate racial groups. These are not the only causes of collapse and inhaled. In the era of establishment and ascension, the Sultan in Topkapi Palace and the porter in Sirkeci were equal in front of justice. It was dismissed from justice. The injustices were done.

Viziers, the Grand Viziers intervened in the authority of the Sultan. The balance is down. The unqualified vizier and grand viziers were defeated on defeat. The bribe began, and with the exit of the bribe, the rule of law and justice were shaken. Later on, the safai started everywhere. This increased wastage. The state fell from strength. Every house in the ascension cycle was a school. The houses received music from the place of the province. It has become fashionable for girls to play a piano or a musical instrument in alaturka. The disruption of political disciplines accelerated the collapse. The janissary quarrel broke down, became undisciplined and his head went away. Some of them did not tell the truth. They were not able to give guidance to the state. Many ministries, mainly foreign affairs and finance, were given to minorities. Pretty works like separatism.

The main reason for some military defeats was not to comply with Islamism. It is the command of the Qur’an-i-kerim to observe the worship of Allah. This is the reason for the devastation in the second siege of Vienna. Democracy is the command of Islam. The Turks are searching for democracy mimicking the West. The Ottomans rose as long as they were held by the orders of Islam. As long as they left, they went to izmir. The Ottomans began to collapse for these reasons and the state was struggling to live. The strong grandeur of Europe forced the Ottoman Empire to reform and to recognize the rights of minorities.  Why did the Ottoman collapse?

The Ottoman State entered Tanzimata in this mood of ritual. The goal of the Ottoman Empire was to get rid of the disintegration of the disintegration. I enjoyed the foreign states, I was thinking of getting help. Being begging for mercy from the West is more of an embarrassment than waiting for it to achept honey. Tanzimat was made to please the West (Europe). The Ottomans were weak at that time. But he chose the wrong way.

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2 thoughts on “Why did the Ottoman collapse?

  • 4 September 2018 at 10:22

    Good information

  • 13 November 2018 at 10:17

    the decline of the great Ottoman Caliphate became clearly visible when her leaders began adopting western cultures, western economics and western language and education .
    the final nail in the “coffin” was sealed with mustafa kamal ataturk established a secular republic thus removing religion from politics.


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