Sultan i Murad, Murâd-ı Hüdavendigâr Hân life

The third of the Ottoman sultans, Sultan Murad I, came to the world in 1326, when Khan of Bursa conquered. Mother is  Nilufer Hatun . His father,  Orhan Gâzi , appeared on the throne in 1362.

During twenty-seven years  of steadfast rule, he became a state of consecration in the form of a ransom from his father, who had been victorious. He has never seen defeat in the thirty-seven battles he personally participated in.

Murad Khan , who has titles such as Sultanü’l-Guzât ve’l-Mujahidin, Melikü’l meşâyih, Gıyasü’d-world and D-Din,  Gâzi Hünkar, Hüdavendigar,  Şihabüddin and es-Sultanü’l-  thin and curved nose, thinly curly, sparse bearded, large and wide fingered.

He was a disciplined, fast-moving, brave, loyal, merciful and sincere Turkish ruler in his operations. It is perfect to use the man in accordance with the organization, the administration and the place. As a result of the planned and continuous conquest movements, all the Eastern Thrace Turks were conquered, Bulgaria was conquered, and in the Balkans, XIX. Ottoman domination which will continue until the end of the century has begun.

Science always patronizes, scholars watch. In this respect, all parts of the country, especially the newly conquered cities, were filled with scholarly works and charitable institutions. He chatted with scholars and gave them a lot of credit. Whether it was in the center or in other cities, it was the right to distribute pockets to the poor after Friday prayers. No one who came to his door would come back without hope. He was clean-minded and acted in his works and prayers.

It is narrated in the history of his liberation that one day Murad Khan, who has been imam for many years:

“Maulana! My sin is a multitude, I will bring a single hand and I will tie the hand three times, I can not see the Kabe-i şerifi when I say Allah and I do not bring a single one. You immediately see what a pleasant surprise you are. ”

After saying, “Since the Gâzi Künkar is a righteous person, every person would think he would see Kabe-i tremendous like himself when he connected one by one”, he pointed to the direction of religion by saying “no one would doubt his custody.”

Edirne was decorated with artifacts such as mosques, madrasahs, inns, baths, palaces and turned them into a Turkish-Islamic town. In addition, Green Mosque in Iznik  ; Mosque, madrasa, imaret and guesthouse in Bursa Çekirge; Some mosques in Bilecik and Yenisehir; He built a mine in Yenişehir.

What is said about them best reveals its qualities.

“For thirty years, Murad has referred to and managed the Ottoman majadder with a measure of time that no statesman can afford. we can see that he can easily hold the place together … The eccentricity and enthusiasm for the war was like his father-in-law. But his father did not loose when he spread his wider range of action. There was no incongruity with any of the commander and his governors. The treatment of the Greeks shows that they are a perfect legacy of their choice. There is not a single complaint that the priests were subjected to bad treatment by the Ottomans during the period. Osman gathered a race around him. Orhan made him a state, but Murad was the empire ” (Gibbons).

“In a terrific battle, the hero has earned the reputation of being a martyr among the soldiers. Garbin, a Greek Army and a Slav wreck, and an effort to revive the crusader battles, have turned a small call to a European empire. Murad was alicenap and favorable about Muslims. For the Christians, he was a father who was gracious and well-groomed ”  (Igora).

“He was so wealthy and he was so taliable that it can not be judged which one of these two Gods tax is the winner of the other. He was a ruler, a tireless hunter and a polite knight who spoke little but spoke good when he spoke.

Thirty-seven in Rumelia and Anatolia have always managed to triumph over large and difficult harbors. It has never been seen that the enemy has left his place and turned it back. Kemal wrestled with sincerity, it would not be surprising and he would never show haste. He hunted the time when he wanted his troops to rest for a while, and he did not know what the rest was. He encouraged his soldiers with appropriate speeches when the breakthrough was to take place, and punished the slightest mistakes made with violence without warning. The reward was also fast. It was the usual call to name everyone. He also treated the foreign children in the palace with a mirth and calmness and immorality ”  (Halkondil).

Murad-ı Hüdavendigar Osmanlılar praised Murad Khan as ” Pak ihlas idi and pak-i itikat “, emphasizing that “My people rise and nothing can rise upon him ” and that they are the masters of the hadith-i  şerifinin.


“Idil, mature, pious, right, high, good, good, poor friend, was a caring sultan to the ladies. The spirit of jihading with the kafirs would not have gone to the object. He held his hand and helped the poor. Anyone who resorted to his supreme gate would surely come to his wish. “

He is both a brave, a sinking, a hero, and
an infinite strong power.

After Hodja Sadeddin Efendi recorded the nice and admirable qualities of Murad Han:

The Eastern religion of the Islamic religion was 
worshiped in the West with the light of grace.

he finishes his promise.

Prof.Dr. Ahmet Şimşirgil

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