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Who is Yıldırım Bayezid Han? Yıldırım Bayezid life short. I. Bayezid history. Death of Yıldırım Bayezid.

He was born in Bursa in 1360. His father was Murad-ı Hüdavendigâr and his mother was Gülçiçek Hatun. Bursa woman Koca Mahmud, who was one of the most distinguished scholars of the time from a young age, learned knowledge from Kazasker Çandarlı Halil and Karamanlı Molla Rüstem. He received military training from his father’s election commanders, and his armies took lessons in referral and administration. He started to participate in wars from a young age. He was a born commander. He became famous for his heroism and courage. He was very brave. He would act remarkably fast. He quickly dispatches his armies to wherever he wants, and confronts his enemies when he never expected. He used the title of Lightning with his right. He was nervous with temperament.

In the face of sudden cases, he kept his reputation and coolness, made his decision and applied it very quickly. In one move, he eliminated the Anatolian lords and landed on the Aegean coasts and the Black Sea coasts by capturing the Samsun airport. The Anatolian Turkish Union project has made it an ideal.

In the battle of Niğbolu; His ability to dispatch and manage his troops and destroy the enemy shows that he is a superior commander. While Büyük Cihangir Timur Han did not even guess, catching him in front of Ankara is another proof of his military might. However, by not taking advantage of this situation, giving the opportunity to the enemy was against the excessive confidence in him and his army. The betrayal of the Anatolian gentlemen forces with the black tatars hit Yıldırım in this war.

The dates are allies that Bayezid was exceptionally just in his conquests and against his subjects. The fair behaviors he exhibited in the annexation of Sivas and the Rumeli conquest of Konya are quite exemplary.

Every day, he would stand in a place where everyone could see him, listen to the complaints and desires of his subjects from all sides, and immediately return the rights of those who were wronged. It would never interfere with the judgments of the women and would not confuse anyone.

According to a rumor, the rumor that women took bribes had appeared in Rumelia. Bayezid, who immediately opened an investigation, ordered those whose crime was fixed to be burned after closing a house in Yenişehir. Umaras and scholars, especially Vizier-i azam Ali Pasha, barely gave up this decision, which he made with great anger. When Ali Pasha stated that they had low wages, so they may have been in favor of such a way, the sultan made a salary for the women. After this incident, even the slightest abuse in state affairs was not observed.

Yıldırım Bayezid Han was in the conversations of the scholars and consulted with the state affairs with them. Allahu would accept the words stating the orders and prohibitions of the caliphate.

Someday the sultan had to testify in court. Like everyone else in the court, he waited standing with his hands tied in front of him. Bursa woman of the period, Molla Şemseddin Fenari , made the following judgment after draining the sultan:

“Your testimony is invalid. Because you are not praying with the congregation. A person who does not perform his prayers with the congregation even though he has the means, can testify as a liar. ”

In the face of this accusation, everyone was waiting for Yıldırım Bayezid to get angry. But he bent his neck and left the court. After this incident, he built a mosque next to his palace and started to perform his prayers with the congregation.

Yıldırım Bayezid spent the spoils he gained as a result of the battles with the Crusaders for the welfare of the people. He had many mosques and imarets built. The most important of these is the Great Mosque built in Bursa . He built the Yıldırım Mosque in a delightful view on the outskirts of Uludağ. On the other hand, he built a hospital for the treatment of patients with madrasah, imaret, guesthouse and Turkish bath. In the Sifahane, which he brought to the administration of the doctor Şemseddin from Egypt, one head, three assistant doctors, two pharmacists, two hops and cooks, bakers, caregivers and caregivers worked.

Yıldırım Han also developed Amasya, Sivas, Kastamonu, Tokat and Konya hospitals.

Three mills are strong enough to turn, and Akçaoğlan, known for its taste and drink, lowered the water from Uludağ to the city with closed pipes. He had the mosque, madrasah and bathhouse, which he had passed through belts and jewels, and left the rest for the neighborhoods. He poured this water out of many beautiful-looking fountains built in every neighborhood. Yıldırım Bayezid also has a lodge in Bursa for Kazeruni dervishes, a mosque and imaret in Edirne, mosques in Karaferye, Kütahya, and Balıkesir. Large foundations have been appointed for all these facilities.

Ahmedî, one of the first Ottoman historians about Yıldırım Bayezid Han :

“He was just and perfect, like his ancestors and grandfathers. He liked the people of science very much, he respected them and bestowed them. Allah made his men (abids and zahids) nice. In justice, he did not leave an unfinished place in Rum. ”


“When Bayezid Hünkar sat on the throne of the principality, he improved justice better than his ancestors and grandfathers. It hurt the poor, keeping the gentlemen supreme. The first job was to avoid evil and suspicious works and not to fear Allah. ”

Shooter Mehmed Pasha:

“Sultan Bayezid was just, bahah, a ruler who loved scholars and the poor and showed affection to the rich.”

Aşık Paşazade:

They say, “Lightning would distribute charity to the city center every Friday”.

Hoca Sadeddin Efendi, on the other hand, completes the Yıldırım Bayezid Han bet with the following lines:

Gerçi o sultana zarar değdi,
Ama, bunu soyu için denedi.
Geriye kaldı asil çocukları
Anılmaktadır hep hayırla adı
İyi bir ad bırakmak ona yeter
Unutulmamak her kederi örter
Düşmanına başını hiç eğmedi
Yüz yüze savaşmaktan çekinmedi
Yele verip devleti çerağını
Kınında gizlemedi kılıcını
Gayret ile korudu namusunu
Şerefiyle vermedi konuğunu
Timur’a zaferi verdiyse de Hak
Tahtına soyunu etti müstehak
Gözetmeseydi Osman soyunu
Ta o zaman yıkardı boyunu
Peygamber uğruna baş koyunca
Bunlara devleti verdi soyca
Olunca dilekleri hep iyilik
Sürüp gitmedi bu kargaşalık
Allah sevgisiyle Osmanlılar
Hanlığı Hak’tan böyle aldılar

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