Summary of Dede Korkut Stories – 12 Story

Summary of Dede Korkut Stories

Summary of Dede Korkut stories – 12 story. You can find 12 stories in the continuation of our article.

1- Dirse Han Son Boğaç Han

While being a toy, he becomes a son of Dirse Han who is seated in Karatağ and has no children, and is named as “Boğaç Han” by Dede Korkut because he killed the bosom of Bayındır Han.

Dirse Han’s 40 bounty, his son is evil to his father. His father hunts his son. Her mother’s milk and the cauldron cure her.

The boy saves his father, kidnapped by forty brave. Dirse Han gives the throne to his son.

2- Lubricance Of Salor Boiler

Salur Kazan, despite the warning of his son Uruz Khan, comes in with his Oguz beyler, while the enemy comes home despite the fact that he leaves three hundred horses and Uruz. Your wife, your daughter-in-law and your son are captured. Salur Kazan, returning from the villain on his dream, goes to the enemy’s hands. A shepherd who does not give ten thousand sheep to the enemy (even if he does not) comes to himself. Oguz defeats the enemy with their ladies and returns to their homeland.

3- Public Büre Beg Son Bamsi Beyrek

Upon the arrival of Bayındır Khan with the sons of all the boys who were gathered by the Oghuzs, Bure Bey regrets. Oğuz tribes, a son for Büre Bey, and a girl for Bican Bey to give birth to the boy to be born. After the newborn son grows up he saves the bezirgans who brought him gifts from the kafirs and takes the name “Bamsi Beyrek”. Bani The night the kafirs will be married to the flower, Bami’s prisoner will be captured by the wedding. Bani Cicek’s brother, Deli Karcar’a Yalancı son Yaltaqik’s bloody shirt brought and “Bamsi killed.” is given to Bani Çiçek Yaltaqık. Bassi, who escapes from the place where the wedding night is held captive with the help of his single daughter, tells Bani Çiçek about his experiences. Then a wedding is held.

4- Boiler Brain Right Uruz Brain Tuttsak

Kazan tells you that his son is still saddened by a bloodshed and a lack of name. His son also wants his father to teach him how he was being warned and bleeding. Kazan Khan takes advantage of his son on this, while the enemy comes and Kazan Khan begins to fight. Although the boy is only telling his son to watch him, he does not make a difference to his father. His father can not find his son; it comes at the place where you can fight the enemy when you can not see it at home. Seeing his son’s sword, he understands that he is captive. Kazan Bey, who goes to war with the enemy alone, is eaten. On this, Hatun defeats infidels with forty girls and other Oguz ladies. Oghuzes return to their homeland.

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5- Family Mother Delicious Dumrul Story

Duha Husband’s son, Deli Dumrul, bridges over a dry tea, past and past. He explains the reason for this as the spread of your faithfulness, your valor. Upon the death of someone on the bridge, Deli Dumrul wants Azrael, who takes the life of this bull, to come and fight him. On this rebellion, Allah guides the Azrail to take the life of Deli Dumrul. Deli Dumrul can not catch Azrail and believes in God’s unity. The soul will be forgiven on condition that a life is given.

Deli Dumrul, who believes that he will die now, goes to helalize with his wife. When his wife asked him to give his life to him, he said to Allah, “Either take the life of both of us, or let both of us live.” he says. God gives life to both for 140 years. Mother and father take the life.

6- Bloody Baby Sleep Blood Range

An Oguz man named Kanlı Koca tells Kan Taralı that he wants to marry her hero. But the boy finds a hero, a girl with a lot of eyes to look at. She finds herself to be a girl like the one her daughter wants her to be. Trabzon finds her daughter to be killed by a lion, a bull and a camel. When they get married, they are attacked by the unbelievers at night and they fight. Selcen Hatun can not find his wife while the war is going on. He also helps wherever he finds it. Thinking that Selcen Hatun would praise him for defeating the enemy, Tur Turalı decides to kill Selcen. They draw arrows; but Selcen has removed the iron from the head of the arrow. Blood Tural and Selcen who tried Selcen thus returned to their homes.

7- Kazicik Koca Son Yİğenek Story

One day Bayındır Khan calls the Inner Oguz beylerler, a man named Kazılık Koca wants to flock from Bayındır Han. Permission will be granted, Kazluk will go to a villa on the edge of the Black Sea with the old beneficiaries. Kalenin Kürçü Kozan Koca is the one who takes the prisoner. Kazim Kocas, 16 years imprisoned, 16 years old son came to Bayındır Han’ya going to save his father says. He also takes 24 starters. Yiğenek takes advice from Dede Korkut in the dream he saw before leaving, and he takes refuge in Allah and prays for it by praying. He saves his father.

8- Basat Killing Overhead

Basat is the son of Uruz Bey, who was dropped and raised by a lion during the migration of the Oghuzs. Uruz’s shepherd mates with a fairy girl while they migrate to the plateau of Oghuzlar. The fairy girl takes the pain out of it by releasing the Cyclopian (the child who is a shepherd) into the Oghuzs. Overhead projector, children’s ears, noses; he eats the men. Basan’s brother Kiyan Selçuk died because of the Cyclops. Basat goes and battle with Overhead for the sake of his brother. It destroys your eyes first; then kill.

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9- The Story of Begil’s Son Emren

Bayindir Khan gets angry when he sees a sword, a bell, a horse as a tribute from Georgia. He tells them that they can not give boobs to the valiant. Dede Korkut reminds us that these three harasses should be given a monument. Begil Yiğit accepts these. Begil, who takes the tributes, settles on the border of Georgia. Yiğide of Kazan Bey is skillful when it comes to Oğuz; but it is controversial to say that this skill is connected to the horse. From the rebellion of the Oguz, he only returns him and tells him to go out. Begil, who breaks his right thigh during hunting, hides it for a while. Upon clarification Teker hears this and Oguz walks on it. Begil’s son Emren resists. Allah gives him strength forever, so that the unbelievers are eaten.

10- Uşun Koca Son Seğrek Story

There are two sons named Uşun Koca named Eğrek and Seğrek. One day, he chews the beans and faces Kazan Bey, sit down. A man named Reversal Extension will ask him if he does not break his head, spill blood, starve himself, what he is looking for. Quite, head to head, learn the blood trick is the trick Kazan Khan flock to learn. Kazan Han agrees; he sends three floats. This captures the prisoner. His brother Segrek goes to save him. The kafirs want to set up a trap because they do not know their brother. They say that Seğrek is a madman, that passers-by gave him a hand to his bread, and if he walked on it, they would release him. When it goes too far, he learns that this is his brother. They defeat the apostles. They will return to their homeland.

11- The story of Salur Kazan being a captive and leaving his son Uruz

Tarabuzan is sending a hawk to Kesurü Salur Kazana. Salur Kazan tells her sister that she will come out of the hunt. During hunting, the hawk descends to Taman’s Kalesine. When he goes behind the hawk, Salur Kazan wakes up and sleeps for 7 days. When Taman learns that Salur Kazan is Oguz beyi, he takes him captive. Salam Kazan, who was taken out of the well where Taman’s wife was captured at the request of his wife, is asked to praise the apostles, but he does not praise. He can not be killed because he is his brother and son. His son Uruz comes to save Salur Kazan. Kazan and his son are fighting and Uruz hurts his father. At this moment, Kazan tells Uruz that he is his father. Uruz kisses his father’s hand and returns to their homeland.

12- Inner Oguz Outside Oguz The story of Beyrek’s death as a rebel.

The winner collects the inner and outer Oguz beyler every 3 years, takes helalini, raises the nest or does not. Once again, when the Kazan looted the house, the Outer Oğuz did not come, and the Inner Oguz looted. On top of that, the Outer Oğuz tribes become enemies to Kazan. A lady named Kılbaş goes to Aruz’s house from Outer Oğuz Beyler and learns that Outer Oğuz Beyler feeds on Kazan Han. As soon as Kibash is gone, the Foreign Oguz swears the beyler and tells Beyrek to join or kill him. Beyrek does not accept, but the Outer Oğuz can not be compared to Beyrek. Aruz Bey cuts Beyrek’s right thigh. When Pekrek realizes that he will die, Kazan Han will testify that he will not leave the blood on the floor. Kazan Bey collects the Inner Oguz beyler on top of it and plunders the house of Aruz, kills himself. Kazan forgives Outside Oguz beyler …

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